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thanksgivingHolidays can be a stressful time for families who have children with autism; daily routine is interrupted, families may travel long distances and of course the constant social interactions that occur during Thanksgiving. So we’ve come up with some helpful tips to help your family have the least stressful and most joyous Thanksgiving yet!


For the sanity of you, your family and everyone else involved, it’s important to prepare your child for Thanksgiving day to minimize stress and help the day run as smoothly as possible. So the day before Thanksgiving, create a dialogue of how you’re anticipating the day to go. The Sequence Module within CommunicoTool is a great way to show some simple and typical Thanksgiving routines your family does every year. This could be showing how to prepare one of the many Thanksgiving dishes, which includes the timer on how long it’d take to do so. Since it’s completely customizable, you can use the same sequence for future Thanksgivings to come with pictures from the past. The Thanksgiving Social Story is also another great way to build your child’s schemata.

Then the day of Thanksgiving, make sure you have several arts and craft projects on hand so your child is completely occupied during the time you’re preparing Thanksgiving dinner. Print out this free I Spy Fall Harvest template to engage their visual sensory, or even a few of these other simple projects:

Have a Happy Thanksgiving filled with great food and even better company. CommunicoTool is thankful for this supportive community and we hope to continue to share this journey of growth with you guys as you have with us 🙂



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