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Created in late 2012 by Frédéric Guibet, CommunicoTool is a French startup specialized in communication applications, originally under the CTEXDEV masthead. Frédéric, who has an autistic daughter, quickly realized that the tablet was to his child what a wheelchair is to someone affected by motor disabilities. He decided to create communication apps for tablets aimed at people, like his daughter, who faced challenges from their speech impediments.


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CommunicoTool 2 has been tested and certified by Educational App Store, a discovery marketplace for educational apps

CommunicoTool has been announced as MedStartUp 2016 winner !

“The mobile platform lets CommunicoTool and similar apps go beyond simply arranging images. For one thing, AAC apps “speak” the words and sentences the user creates, giving a voice to the visual communication. In CommunicoTool’s case, the app can use built-in voices that come with the app, or recorded voices such as that of a child’s parent.”

Jake Widman

Communication of the ACM

“One in 68 children has Autism Spectrum Disorder, and roughly 25% of them cannot speak. These and non?verbal children with other developmental disorders must rely on visuals, often flash cards or drawings, to communicate. Tablet app CommunicoTool 2 makes it easy for a non?verbal child to find their words.”

David Berkowitz

Editor in Chief, Tech News Zone

“. Another clue was she began to have stereotypical rocking/auto-stimulating rocking behavior. “I am a neuropsychologist and I knew what it meant,” said Frédéric, who is the CEO and founder of CommunicoTool, a company that creates language and development applications to help children with speech disorders caused by autism spectrum disorder.”

Sheiresa Ngo

Writer, The CheatSheet

“As a parent of two girls with autism, I know how important structure and consistency is. There are plenty of rewarding benefits for both the child and parent when everyone is working toward a common goal. The key is finding ways to accommodate your lifestyle, as well as your children. So this is why we chose CommunicoTool 2.”

Amy Barry

Author, Bridging Apps