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The pictogram board that fit in your pocket !
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The AAC app for Smartphones :

CommunicoMini is the mobile version of the most complete AAC app for touchscreen tablets CommunicoTool 2.
This app is intended for expression, learning and memorization of the everyday words with the use of custom icons and images.

Customizable :
Upload your own images to create a familiar look and feel for the user. 
Import pictures from your library or simply use your iPhone’s camera to quickly create your own pictograms and record voices to make it sound !
Gather and organize your content in categories for a smooth navigation and a quick-access to the needed pictograms.

Ergonomic and mobile :
With an intuitive and simple interface, CommunicoMini follows its user at anytime anywhere as it doesn’t request internet connexion for use.
CommunicoMini can be used by most speech delayed persons with autism, trisomy 21, cerebral palsy, apraxia and development challenges.