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MedStartup 2016 winner


A few weeks ago, we announced our nomination to compete in the 2016 MedStartUp Awards as a combined effort between The Galien Foundation and Business France. The creation of the awards came from a mutual respect to recognize and reward partnerships between French and North American innovators in the Life Science Industry. Now, we are extremely pleased to announce that we have been selected as the winners!!!

Award CommunicoTool

We would not have been able to receive this award without our partner, the Brooklyn Autism Center. With the BAC’s dedication to providing high-quality education, we were able to come together with a common goal to better the lives of children with autism. Hence, the Schedule module was then designed by our team and used on the BAC’s existing network of students. Children with autism used the app and its co-existing modules to gain the confidence needed to go about their everyday lives with more independence.

Award CommunicoTool

Everyone at CommunicoTool is honored to be recognized by this prestigious group within our industry. We hope this will bring more visibility to the autistic community and shed more light on the necessity to have more supportive communication tools for children. We’re happy to be leading the charge as the momentum has only just begun. We’re more motivated than ever to continue to strive for the betterment of the autism community!


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