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After celebrating a victory at the MedStartUp Awards 2016, we at CommunicoTool have embarked on a journey to reach a bigger global audience and become the household name within the autism community. To accomplish this, we are channeling our efforts on two main priorities — expanding our research on cognitive disorders and gaining the international manpower to accelerate CommunicoTool’s commercial development. These objectives have prompted our latest crowdsourcing campaign on the 1001PACT platform, where we are asking for the support of the public in realizing this vision with a goal of 200,000 .

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, 1001PACT is certified by the AMF and all companies within the platform were carefully selected based on their ability to generate a strong social or environmental impact. In this case, CommunicoTool has demonstrated potential to make an everlasting and positive social change. For added security measure, 1001PACT has also partnered with S-Money and Universign to secure your investment with complete transparency so you know exactly what you’re investing in, while receiving tax exemptions.

Currently CommunicoTool is available in its second version, Communicotool 2, which helps nonverbal and Autistic children interact with those around them and simultaneously develop their language skills. New features also include the Schedule Module and the Core Vocabulary Module. We designed these two modules while working closely with the Brooklyn Autism Center (BAC). These modules were made specifically for the BAC’s students needs, the teachers and the parents. This collaboration will allow both parties to gain critical feedback in order to compile a comprehensive case study.  

Beyond autism, CommunicoTool assists many other disabled populations including Alzheimer patients, the intellectually disabled, along with victims of head trauma, stroke and brain damage. These people make up a large fraction of society which goes unheard and are often misrepresented, so it is our mission to help them claim their voice. Check out our 1001PACT page today to join a growing community of global investors making this project a reality!

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