From Digital to Paper, Start Printing CommunicoTool Icons Now | CommunicoTool

We value all of our CommunicoTool users’ opinions and sincerely use your feedback to take our app to the next level. Although a small addition, we believe that this feature will benefit all and change the interface of how you guys will use CommunicoTool 2.

So after much anticipation, we’ve added a printing option where you can print symbols, pictograms and photos found in the app. Directions below:

Print pictograms

  1. Go to the “Settings” page
  2. Then click on “Print PDF”
  3. Click on the empty boxes to fill them with relevant pictures either icon or real life situation
  4. Finally, click “Print”


This new feature will also have a “Reset” button to efficiently remove pictures selected. We hope that being able to print the icons and pictograms in CommunicoTool will open up the endless possibilities CommunicoTool can take you and your family outside of just the tablet!

CommunicoTool 2


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