Make a pizza | CommunicoTool

Here’s a cooking project that I love to do with my kids, Sara and Maia.
It is messy, it takes more time, but we got to create something together and we all enjoy it!

In the CommunicoTool 2 application, under the Sequence module, I’ve built a visual routine following the steps to make a pizza.

The girls follow the steps, clicks on the first image and hear my voice saying :Pizza dough”, so we all roll out the dough together, then they click on Done to see the second image on screen “Tomatoe sauce”, once we’ve put the tomatoe sauce on the dough, they click on Done, another image with Ham, click Done, then Cheese.

Once the pizza is ready to go to the oven, they launch the Timer that I have set up to 15mn. This timer helps the girls to wait nicely and with no tantrums. When the timer goes off, the yammy pizza is ready to be eaten!!


CommunicoTool 2


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