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Communication+, a new Module available now!

The Communication+ module allows you to combine multiple pictograms and/or images to create sentences. To do so, you will have access to all your pictograms, your images, your categories, your verbal groups and your feelings already saved in the Communication module.


How does it work?

You click on all the pictograms that you want in order to make a sentence. All those pictograms will be added, one by one, to a band, down the screen.  From there, you will be able to organize them, change their order, and/or delete one or several of them. To read the sentence, click on the Play button (the green arrow). In the settings, you can choose between speech synthesis or the sounds attached to the pictograms.



Save, import and export your data, a new feature available now!

Let’s say you want to change your tablet, and of course you want to use CommunicoTool 2 the way you set it up, well now you can in a very easy and efficient way! You can save all your data (pictograms, images, categories, sounds, timers, sequences etc) then export it in a .picto format. In order to do so, go in the settings, under general/Data management/ Export my data. Once you have the file with your data, you can save it on your tablet, or share it by email, dropbox, airdrop, etc to your new tablet. With this new feature, you can also import in a simple way your data! Just received a .picto file? Just open it let CommunicoTool do the work for you!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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