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schedule module

In partnership with the Brooklyn Autism Center (BAC), a non profit school dedicated to providing high-quality education to children with autism between the ages of 5-16, we designed and developed the Schedule module. By providing the updated software to BAC students, we were able to gain real case studies and receive feedback necessary to improve it for wider use.

Just like all other modules within the CommunicoTool app, the Schedule Module is designed to be an assistive tool to make life easier for nonverbal children with Autism. It is completely customizable so personal images, visual timers and sequences can be imported into the app and incorporated within the module.

The daily view shows hourly activities like eating lunch, while the weekly view previews expected weekly activities like swimming classes. Your child is able to gain a visual of their day-to-day life, ridding them of any anxiety and allowing them to anticipate their next activity. The Schedule Module encourages organization for short term and long term benefits.

schedule Module

While still in Beta form, it can be used in any setting whether your child is at home or in school. We hope that the schedule app will help children with Autism gain the confidence to go about their day, weeks, months and years with more and more independence with each use. Give it a go and let us know what your child has gained!

CommunicoTool 2 is a language and application tool for nonverbal and children with Autism. The updated app has 8 different modules including the Communication, Communication +, Sequences, Doloris, Feelings, Timer, Core Vocabulary and Schedule Beta. Personal pictures can also be uploaded to personalize the app to each family’s personal life.

CommunicoTool 2


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