Sneak Peek into New CommunicoTool Developments Coming Your Way!

Since the beginning of our journey, the goal has always been to positively impact the lives of everyone with special needs through the means of technology. CommunicoTool was inspired through one little girl with autism and has helped us see that we can help not just the autism community, but others with special needs as well. Thus, we are excited to announce that we are expanding CommunicoTool to include a range of new development starting with the addition of our upcoming application known as CommunicoTool Advanced!

Like our original app, Advanced will also assist people with speech and motor impairments. The main differentiation between our original app is that Advanced aims to enable users to compose a message through a speech-to-text system with the development of our word prediction engine, Mind2speech. It calculates the words needed by the user at every step of the message composition. With more frequent use, Mind2speech will learn to adapt to the user’s sentences over time minimizing the amount of gestures required by users with motor impairments.

The predicted words are presented to users within a list. If the list contains the word, then only one gesture is required to select it. Otherwise the list of predictions will adapt based on entered characters just like the quicktype suggested words that pop up when you’re texting someone. Advanced can also save sentences made by the user so that commonly spoken sentences or even emergency messages can be retrieved quickly.

Besides the text-to-speech aspect of the app, it can also help compose e-mails and text messages. CommunicoTool Advanced will contain two different accessibility modes where users can either interact with the touchscreen or with the help of a scanning switch. Available by this March and only on Apple tablets, the app will be able to help those with ALS, muscular dystrophy and locked-in syndrome through the head eye tracking tools used within the app.

We will remain active in research and development as we want to continue to expand our technology to benefit anyone with speech and motor impairments at all different age ranges. So be sure to check out our 1001PACT campaign to support these initiatives!

CommunicoTool 2


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